Management vs. Leadership: What's The Difference?

Management vs. Leadership

Over my career (40 years), I have been witnessed and as part of many regimes that has propelled me forward or made me wish I was born during medieval times (with an axe in my hand).

Managers, especially new ones, feel that the appropriate way to manage is through fear, intimidation, or dictatorship. They think that they have all of the answers, every problem is the end of the world, or just that they are always the smartest person in the room. The effects of this approach will always yield negative results, low morale, and resentment. The end results will result in delays, low performance, cost overruns, and from time to time, project failure.

There is an alternative to this approach; don’t manage, but lead…Here are some things that can be implemented that can change the way management is executed:

  1. Stop being the smartest one in the room – get input from everyone at the conference table (especially the quite ones).

  2. NEVER dismiss or criticize anyone’s suggestion.

  3. Ensure that everyone at the table is part of the solution.

  4. Don’t take credit for your teams’ successes, everyone knows who’s the boss – Take the blame and give your team the credit…the loyalty that will be created between management and your team will be easily measurable.

  5. Most important, make sure that any problems with your team are handled by you.

  6. Make sure that Sr Management know up front that any problems with your team will be addressed to you, and you will handle your team.

Follow these basic guidelines and you will be happy with the results.

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